Species diversity of the genus Galerina in the Czech Republic

The genus Galerina Earle is a polyphyletic genus from the family Hymenogastraceae. Members of the genus form mostly small reddish colored fruiting bodies. Most of them are saprotrophs decaying debris of Sphagnum, mosses and plants, while some of them are lignicolous. Although 4 species were described as new for science from the area of the Czech Republic by the Czech mycologist Mirko Svrček, the genus has not yet been studied in detail.

The aim of this overview is to facilitate the identification of Galerina species. We also would like to draw attention to rare and potentially endangered species, and to get more information about their ecology and morphological variability. We hope field mycologists will appreciate the beauty of Galerinas and never overlook them.

We would like to thank Josef Hlásek for providing most of the pictures of the fruiting bodies. Also Jiří Burel, Jan Holec, Vladimír Pravda and Josef Slavíček are thanked for their photos and specimens. Unless otherwise stated, notes about macro and microcharacters are based on the study of our own material. Please note that this is a working version, which will be continuously updated and improved.

We wish you lots of fun with Galerinas!

How to prepare a well-documented specimen of Galerina

What to study under microscope

List of Galerina species we know from the area of the Czech Republic

Species associated with wood

Species associated with Sphagnum

Species associated with mosses and plat debris

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