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Šuspa in ranking of world scientists

In a recent ranking of the world's scientists in Ecology and Evolution of , Šuspa (Jan Lepš) was ranked #969. Unfortunately, their algorithm was not able to distinguish the University of South Bohemia, České Budějovice, Czech Republic, from The University of South (Sewanee Tennessee), owned by Episcopal Church and put him there. Šuspa insists that even though he might enjoy Nashville country music (less than two hours drive), he would prefer New Orleans jazz (particularly Doreen’s jazz group there), which is more than eight hours drive, and this is too much. But definitely, the Šukas music band is his preferred one, so he insists to stay in Budějovice. Interestingly, The University of South has four ecologists in the ranking – two from the University of South Bohemia, and two from the University of South-Eastern Norway.

Edit: after a request, the affiliation of Šuspa was fixed, but he is still ranked among US scientists, and his results do not count for the University of South Bohemia (owing to this, USB is in Ecology and Evolution the fourth one in the Czech Republic, behind the University of Life Sciences in Prague).

29. 3. 2023

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