Functional Plant Ecology

Photosynthesis measurement from the perspective of Markéta

Our second trip for field work also led to Ohrazení. Our colleague from sunny Reunion, Jules, has decided to measure photosynthesis in the last winter month. And to our surprise, under the layer of plant litter from last year, it is really going on!

The sunny weather was an insurmountable condition. We had to wait for the sun for a while in the morning because it was hiding behind the tops of the trees. For a moment, we considered cutting down a few shading trees or at least cutting off their tips. It was also necessary to pay attention to your shadow so that the chamber was still fully lit during the measurement. Several butterflies came to support us. After a few hours of hammering in the metal frames and venting the chamber, we were done. Photos by Markéta.

24. 2. 2022

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