Functional Plant Ecology

Markéta's report on work at Ohrazení.

Thanks to Jules, we get into the field really often this year. The last time was on Thursday, March 17, and our plans were spectacular. To replace tea bags, which measure the rate of decomposition, to replace the cores to measure the growth of belowground biomass, to measure the amount of light that passes through the vegetation and also photosynthesis/respiration of this vegetation. Eventually, photosynthesis and respiration came to an end because there was not enough sun. So there was no need to measure light and vegetation height. Until next week, if the sun allows. So after waking up a cold-frozen salamander and roasting Würste and camemberts, we moved to the office to open the cores with roots. The cleaning of the tea bags remained for Friday. Still no flowering plants...(Photos and lament on the flowering situation by Markéta)

17. 3. 2022

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