Libor Ekrt


  • Address: University of South Bohemia, Faculty of Science,  Department of botany, Branišovská 1760, CZ-37005 České Budějovice
  • Rooms: Department of botany, Na Zlaté stoce 1 (vila), room no. 105 (ground floor)
  • E-mail:
  • Tel.: +420 38 777 2303

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New publications

  • Ptáček J., Ekrt L., Hornych O. & Urfus T. (2023): Interploidy gene flow via a ‘pentaploid bridge’ and the ploidy reduction in Cystopteris fragilis fern complex (Cystopteridaceae: Polypodiales). – Plant Reproduction 36: 321–331. (link)
  • Fraser-Jenkins C. R., Gibby M., Rumsey F. J., Ekrt L., Evans A. J., Boudrie M., Pigott A. C. & Golding R. (2023): (2957) Proposal to conserve the name Dryopteris affinis (Lowe) Fraser-Jenk. against Dryopteris affinis Kinahan (Pteridophyta:Dryopteridaceae). – Taxon 72(3): 665–666. (link)
  • Ekrt L., Košnar J., Rothfels C., Hanušová K., Hornych O. & Urfus T. (2022). Cytogenetic, geographical, spore type and plastid haplotype data reveal cryptic patterns of species diversity in the cosmopolitan Cystopteris fragilis complex (Polypodiopsida: Cystopteridaceae). – Botanical Journal of Linnean Society 199: 728–739. (link)

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  • Hybridization, reproduction modes of ferns (Dryopteris, Pteridium, Cystopteris)
  • Cytogeography, reticulate evolution of Huperzia selago complex in Europe
  • Cytogeography and microspeciation processes in Cystopteris fragilis complex
  • Revision of distribution of ferns and lycophytes of the Czech Republic (PLADIAS project)
  • Red data book of rare and endangered plants of the Czech-Moravian Highlands

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