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  • Těšitel, J., Hejcman, M., Lepš, J., Cameron, D. D. (2013):
    How does elevated grassland productivity influence populations of root hemiparasites? Commentary on Borowicz and Armstrong (Oecologia 2012).
    Oecologia On line early, DOI 10.1007/s00442-012-2566-7: .
  • Fibich, P., Vítová, A., Macek, P., Lepš, J. (2013):
    Establishment and spatial associations of recruits in meadow gaps
    Journal of Vegetation Science On line early, DOI: 10.1111/j.1654-1103.2012.01486.x.: .
  • Průšová, M., Lepš, J., Štech, M., Těšitel, J. (2013):
    Growth, survival and generative reproduction in a population of a widespread annual hemiparasite Melampyrum pratense
    Biologia 68: 65---73.
  • Stachová, T., Fibich, P., Lepš, J. (2013):
    Plant density affects measures of biodiversity effects
    Journal of Plant Ecology 6: 1-11.
  • Dainese, M., Scotton, M., Clementel, F., Pecile, A., Lepš, J. (2012):
    Do climate, resource availability, and grazing pressure filter floristic composition and functioning in Alpine pastures?
    Community Ecology 13: 45-54.
  • Carmona, C.P., Azcárate, F.M., Bello, F., Ollero, H.S., Lepš, J., Peco, B. (2012):
    Taxonomical and functional diversity turnover in Mediterranean grasslands: interactions between grazing, habitat type and rainfall
    Journal of Applied Ecology 49: 1084-1093 DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2664.2012.02193.x.
  • Lanta, V., Doležal, J., Zemková, L., Lepš, J. (2012):
    Communities of different plant diversity respond similarly to drought stress: experimental evidence from field non-weeded and greenhouse conditions
    Naturwissenschaften 99: 473-482.
  • de Bello, F., Price, J.N., Münkemüller, T., Liira, J., Zobel, M., Thuiller, W., Gerhold, P., Götzenberger, L., Lavergne, S., Lepš, J., Zobel, K., PArtel, M. (2012):
    Functional species pool framework to test for biotic effects on community assembly
    Ecology 93: 2263-2273.
  • Dolezal, J., Altman, J., Kopecky, M., Cerny, T., Janecek, S., Bartos, M., Petrik, P., Srutek, M., Leps, J., Song, J.S. (2012):
    Plant Diversity Changes during the Postglacial in East Asia: Insights from Forest Refugia on Halla Volcano, Jeju Island
    PLoS One e33065 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0033065: .
  • de Bello, F., Janeček, Š., Lepš, J., Doležal, J., Macková, J., Lanta, V. & Klimešová, j. (2012):
    Different plant trait scaling in dry versus wet Central European meadows
    Journal of Vegetation Science 23: 709-720.
  • Kleyer, M., Dray, S., de Bello, F., Leps, J., Pakeman R. J. , Strauss, B., Thuiller, W., & Lavorel, S. (2012):
    Assessing species and community functional responses to environmental gradients: which multivariate methods?
    Journal of Vegetation Science Doi: 10.1111/j.1654-1103.2012.01402.x: .
  • Galvánek, D., Lepš, J. (2012):
    The effect of management on productivity, litter accumulation and seedling recruitment in a Carpathian mountain grassland
    Plant Ecology 216: 523-533.
  • Gotzenberger L.,, de Bello F., Brathen K.A., Davison J., Dubuis A., Guisan A., Lepš J., Lindborg R., Moora M., Partel M., Pellissier L., Pottier J., Vittoz P., Zobel K. and Zobel M. (2012):
    Ecological assembly rules in plant communities---approaches, patterns and prospects
    Biol. Rev. 97: 111--127..
  • Doležal, J., Altman, J., Kopecký, M., Černý T., Janeček, S., Petřik P., Bartoš, M., Šrůtek M., Lepš J., Song J-S. (2012):
    Plant diversity changes during the postglacial in East Asia: insights from forest refugia on Halla Volcano, Jeju Island
    PLoS ONE. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0033065: .
  • Vítová, A., Lepš, J. (2011):
    Experimental assessment of dispersal and habitat limitation in an oligotrophic wet meadow
    Plant Ecology 212: 1231-1242.
  • Fibich, P., Lepš, J. (2011):
    Do biodiversity indices behave as expected from traits of constituent species in simulated scenarios?
    Ecological Modelling 222: 2049-2058..
  • Doležal, J., Mašková, Z., Lepš, J.,Steinbachová D., de Bello, F., Klimešová, J., Tackenberg, O., Zemek, F., Květ, J. (2011):
    Positive long-term effect of mulching on species and functional trait diversity in a nutrient-poor mountain meadow in Central Europe
    Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 145: 10-28.
  • Koutecká E., Lepš J. (2011):
    Performance of three closely related Myosotis species in an experiment in which substrate quality and competition were manipulated
    Preslia 83: 403--420.
  • Lanta V., Klimesova J., , Martincova K., Janecek S., Dolezal J., Rosenthal J., Leps J., Klimes L. (2011):
    A test of the explanatory power of plant functional traits on the individual and population levels
    Perspectives in Plant Ecology, Evolution and Systematics 13: 189-- 199.
  • Lavorel, S., de Bello, F., Grigulis, K., Lepš, J., Garnier, E., Castro, H., Dolezal, J., Godolets, C., Quétier, F., Thébault, A. (2011):
    Response of herbaceous vegetation functional diversity to land use change across five sites in Europe and Israel
    Israel Journal of Ecology and Evolution 57: 53-72.
  • Lepš, J. de Bello F., Šmilauer P. & Doležal J. (2011.):
    Community trait response to environment: disentangling species turnover vs intraspecific trait variability effects
    Ecography 34: 856-863.
  • Pouska V., Lepš J., Svoboda M., Lepšová A. (2011):
    How do log characteristics influence the occurrence of wood fungi in a mountain spruce forest?
    Fungal Ecol. 4: 201-209.
  • Mason N.W.H., de Bello F., Doležal J., and Lepš J. (2011):
    Niche overlap reveals the effects of competition, disturbance and contrasting assembly processes in experimental grassland communities
    J. Ecol. 99: 788-796.
  • de Bello F., Lavorel S., Albert C.H., Thuiller W., Grigulis K., Dolezal J.Janeček Š.and Lepš, J. (2011):
    Quantifying the relevance of intraspecific trait variability for functional diversity
    Methods in Ecology and Evolution 2: 163-174.
  • Macek P, Rejmankova E, Leps J (2010):
    Dynamics of Typha domingensis spread in Eleocharis dominated oligotrophic tropical wetlands following nutrient enrichment
    Evol. Ecol. 24: 1505-1519.
  • Stachova T., Leps J. (2010):
    Species pool size and realized species richness affect productivity differently: A modeling study
    Acta Oecol. 36: 578-586.
  • Mudrak O., Leps J. (2010):
    Interactions of the Hemiparasitic Species Rhinanthus minor with its Host Plant Community at Two Nutrient Levels
    Folia Geobot. 45: 407-424.
  • Fibich P., Leps J., Berec L. (2010):
    Modelling the Population Dynamics of Root Hemiparasitic Plants Along a Productivity Gradient
    Folia Geobot. 45: 425-442.
  • Novotny V., Miller S.E., Baje L., Balagawi S., Basset Y., Cizek L., Craft K.J., Dem F., Drew R.A.I., Hulcr J., Leps J., Lewis O.T., Pokon R., Stewart A.J.A., Alan J. A., Samuelson G.A., Weiblen G.D. (2010):
    Guild-specific patterns of species richness and host specialization in plant-herbivore food webs from a tropical forest
    J. Anim. Ecol. 79: 1193-1203.
  • de Bello F., Lavergne S., Meynard C.N., Leps J., Thuiller W. (2010):
    The partitioning of diversity: showing Theseus a way out of the labyrinth
    Journal of Vegetation Science 21: 992-1000.
  • Lamošová T., Doležal J., Lanta V., Lepš J. (2010):
    Spatial pattern affects diversity-productivity relationships in experimental meadow communities
    Acta Oecologica 36: 325-332.
  • Galvánek D., Lepš J. (2009):
    How do management and restoration needs of mountain grasslands depend on moisture regime? Experimental study from north-western Slovakia (Western Carpathians)
    Applied Vegetation Science 12: 273-282.
  • Lanta V., Leps J. (2009):
    How does surrounding vegetation affect the course of succession: A five-year container experiment
    Journal of Vegetation Science 20: 686-694.
  • Koutecka E., Leps J. (2009):
    Effect of Light and Moisture Conditions and Seed Age on Germination of Three Closely Related Myosotis Species
    Folia Geobotanica 44: 109-130.
  • de Bello F., Thuiller W., Leps J., Choler P., Clement J. C., Macek P., Sebastia M. T., Lavorel S. (2009):
    Partitioning of functional diversity reveals the scale and extent of trait convergence and divergence
    Journal of Vegetation Science 20: 475-486.
  • de Bello F., Buchmann N., Casals P., Leps J., Sebastia M. T. (2009):
    Relating plant species and functional diversity to community delta C-13 in NE Spain pastures
    Agriculture Ecosystems & Environment 131: 303-307.
  • Pakeman R. J., Leps J., Kleyer M., Lavorel S., Garnier E. (2009):
    Relative climatic, edaphic and management controls of plant functional trait signatures
    Journal of Vegetation Science 20: 148-159.
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    Leaf traits capture the effects of land use changes and climate on litter decomposability of grasslands across Europe
    Ecology 90: 598-611.
  • Crémieux L., Bischoff L., Šmilauerová M., Lawson C. S., Mortimer S.R., Doležal J., Lanta V., Edwards A.R., Brook A.J., Tscheulin T., Macel M., Lepš J., Müller-Schärer H. and Steinger T. (2008):
    Potential contribution of natural enemies to patterns of local adaptation in plants.
    New Phytologist 180: 524-533..
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    Changes of species richness pattern in mountain grasslands: abandonment versus restoration.
    Biodiversity and Conservation 17: 3241-3253..
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    Effect of plant species richness on invasibility of experimental plant communities
    Plant Ecology 198: 253-263..
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    Environmental correlates of growth traits of the stoloniferous plant Potentilla palustris.
    Evolutionary Ecology 22: 419-435..
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    Positive relationship between plant palatability and litter decomposition in meadow plants.
    Community Ecology 9: 17-27..
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    Impact of abundance weighting on the response of seed traits to climate and land use.
    Journal of Ecology 96: 355-366.
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    Importance of species abundance for assessment of trait composition: an example based on pollinators communities.
    Community Ecology 8: 163-170..
  • Lanta V,. Leps J. (2007):
    Effect of species and functional group richness on production in two fertility environments: an experiment with communities of perennial plants.
    Acta Oecologica 32: 93-103.
    ( | download pdf - 386 kB)
  • Janecek S., Janeckova P. & Leps J. (2007):
    Effect of competition and soil quality on root topography of the perennial grass Molinia caerulea.
    Preslia 79: 23-32.
    ( | download pdf - 106 kB)
  • Leps, Jan, Doležal Jirí, Bezemer T. Martijn, Brown Valerie K., Hedlund Katarina, Igual Arroyo Mariano, Jorgensen Helene Bracht, Lawson Clare S., Mortimer Simon R., Peix Geldart Alvaro, Rodríguez Barrueco Claudino, Santa Regina Ignacio, Smilauer Petr, van der Putten Wim H. (2007):
    Long-term effectiveness of sowing high and low diversity seed mixtures to enhance plant community development on ex-arable fields in five European countries.
    Applied Vegetation Science 10: 97-110.
    ( | download pdf - 2498 kB)
  • Garnier E., Lavorel S., Ansquer P., Castro H., Cruz P., Dolezal J., Eriksson, O., Fortunel C., Freitas H., Golodets C., Grigulis K., Jouany C., Kazakou E., Kigel J., Kleyer M., Lehsten V., Leps J., Meier T., Pakeman R., Papadimitriou M., Papanastasis V.P., Quested H., Quetier F., Robson M., Roumet C., Rusch G., Skarpe C., Sternberg M., Theau J.-P., Thenault A. Vile D., Zarovali M.P. (2007):
    Assessing the effects of land-use change on plant traits, cCommunities and ecosystem functioning in grasslands: a standardized methodology and lessons from an application to 11 European sites.
    Annals of Botany 99: 967-985.
    ( | download pdf - 644 kB)
  • Leps J, Smilauer P. (2007):
    Subjectively sampled vegetation data: Don't throw out the baby with the bath water.
    Folia Geobotanica 42: 169-178.
    ( | download pdf - 85 kB)
  • de Bello F., Leps J, Sebastia M-T. (2007):
    Grazing effect on the species-area relationship: Variation along a climatic gradient in NE Spain.
    Journal of Vegetation Science 18: 25-34.
    ( | download pdf - 1194 kB)
  • de Bello F., Leps J, Sebastia M-T. (2006):
    Variation in species and functional plant diversity along climatic and grazing gradients.
    Ecography 29: 801-810.
    ( | download pdf - 233 kB)
  • Krahulec F., Leps J., Richardson, D.M. (2006):
    Marcel Rejmanek at 60 - the man and his work.
    Preslia 78: 361-374.
    ( | download pdf - 283 kB)
  • Leps J., de Bello F., Lavorel S., Berman S. (2006):
    Quantifying and interpreting functional diversity of natural communities: practical considerations matter.
    Preslia 78: 481-501.
    (view abstract | download pdf - 211 kB)
  • Bischoff A., Cremieux L., Smilauerova M., Lawson C.S., Mortimer S.R., Dolezal J., Lanta V., Edwards A.R., Brook A.J., Macel M., Leps J., Steinger T., Muller-Scharer H. (2006):
    Detecting local adaptation in widespread grassland species - the importance of scale and local plant community.
    Journal of Ecology 94: 1130-1142.
    (view abstract | download pdf - 356 kB)
  • Lanta V. & Lepš J. (2006):
    Effect of functional group richness and species richness in manipulated productivity--diversity studies: a glasshouse pot experiment.
    Acta Oecologica 29: 85-96.
    (view abstract | download pdf - 507 kB)
  • De Bello F., Leps J. & Sebastia M.-T. (2005):
    Predictive value of plant traits to grazing along a climatic gradient in the Mediterranean.
    Journal of Applied Ecology 42: 824-833..
    (view abstract | download pdf - 184 kB)
  • Janeček S. & Leps J. (2005):
    Effect of litter, leaf cover and cover of basal internodes of the dominant species Molinia caerulea on seedling recruitment and established vegetation.
    Acta Oecologica 28: 141-147.
    (view abstract | download pdf - 375 kB)
  • Novotny V., Miller S.E., Leps J., Basset Y., Bito D., Janda M., Hulcr J., Damas K., Weiblen G.D. (2004):
    No tree an island: the plant-caterpillar food web of a secondary rain forest in New Guinea.
    Ecology Letters 7: 1090-1100.
    (view abstract | download pdf - 221 kB)
  • Leps J. (2004):
    What do the biodiversity experiments tell us about consequences of plant species loss in the real world?
    Basic and Applied Ecology 5: 529-534.
    (view abstract | download pdf - 201 kB)
  • Leps J. (2004):
    Variability in population and community biomass in a grassland community affected by environmental productivity and diversity.
    Oikos 107: 64-71.
    (view abstract | download pdf - 302 kB)
  • Spackova I. & Leps J. (2004):
    Variability of seedling recruitment under dominant, moss and litter removal over four years.
    Folia Geobotanica 39: 41-55.
    (view abstract | download pdf - 154 kB)
  • Chaloupecka E. & Leps J. (2004):
    Equivalence of competitor effects and tradeoff between vegetative multiplication and generative reproduction: case study with Lychnis flos-cuculi and Myosotis nemorosa.
    Flora 199: 157-167.
    (view abstract | download pdf - 108 kB)
  • Janecek S., Janeckova P. & Leps J. (2004):
    Influence of heterogeneity and competition on growth features of three meadow species.
    Flora 199: 3-11.
    (view abstract | download pdf - 88 kB)
  • Novotny V., Miller S.E., Cizek L., Leps L., Janda M., Basset Y., Weiblen G.D. & Darrow K. (2003):
    Colonising aliens: caterpillars (Lepidoptera) feeding on Piper aduncum and P. umbellatum in rainforests of Papua New Guinea
    Ecol. Entomol. 28: 704-716.
    (view abstract | download pdf - 768 kB)
  • Rusch G.M., Pausas J.G. & Leps J. (2003):
    Plant Functional Types in relation to disturbance and land use: Introduction.
    J.Veget.Sci. 14: 307-310.
    ( | download pdf - 74 kB)
  • Hedlund K., Santa Regina I., Van der Putten W. H., Lepš J., Díaz T., Korthals G. W., Lavorel S., Brown V. K., Gormsen D., Mortimer S. R., Rodríguez Barrueco C., Roy J., Smilauer P., Smilauerová M. & C. Van Dijk (2003):
    Plant species diversity plant biomass and responses of the soil community on abandoned land across Europe: idiosyncracy or above-belowground time lags.
    Oikos 103: 45-58.
    (view abstract | download pdf - 295 kB)
  • Macek P. & Leps J. (2003):
    The effect of environmental heterogeneity on clonal behaviour of Prunella vulgaris L.
    Plant Ecology 168: 31-43.
    (view abstract | download pdf - 736 kB)
  • Leps J., Novotny V., Cizek L., Molem K., Isua B., Boen W., Kutil R., Auga J., Kasbal M., Manumbor M. & Hiuk S. (2002):
    Successful invasion of the neotropical species Piper aduncum in rain forests in Papua New Guinea.
    Appl. Veg. Sci. 5: 255-262.
    (view abstract | download pdf - 152 kB)
  • Novotny V., Miller S.E., Basset Y., Cizek L., Drozd P., Darrow K. & Leps J. (2002):
    Predictably simple: assemblages of caterpillars (Lepidoptera) feeding on rainforest trees in Papua New Guinea.
    Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B 269: 2337-2344.
    (view abstract | download pdf - 216 kB)
  • Spacková I. & Leps J. (2001):
    Procedure for separating the selection effect from other effects in diversity-productivity relationship.
    Ecology Letters 4: 585-594.
    (view abstract | download pdf - 1663 kB)
  • Leps J., Novotný V. & Basset Y. (2001):
    Habitat and successional status of plants in relation to the communities of their leaf-chewing herbivors in Papua New Guinea.
    J. Ecol. 89: 186-199.
    (view abstract | download pdf - 615 kB)
  • Leps J. (2001):
    Species-pool hypothesis: limits to its testing.
    Folia Geobot. Phytotax. 36: 45-52.
    (view abstract | download pdf - 48 kB)
  • Leps J., Brown V.K., Diaz Len T.A., Gormsen D., Hedlund K., Kailová J., Korthals G.W., Mortimer S.R., Rodriguez-Barrueco C., Roy J., Santa Regina I., van Dijk C. & van der Putten W. (2001):
    Separating the chance effect from the other diversity effects in the functioning of plant communities.
    Oikos 92: 123-134.
    (view abstract | download pdf - 209 kB)
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    Plant species diversity as a driver of early succession in abandoned fields: a multi-site approach.
    Oecologia 124: 91-99.
    (view abstract | download pdf - 88 kB)
  • Leps J., Michálek J., Rauch O. & Uhlík P. (2000):
    Early succession on plots with the upper soil horizon removed.
    J. Veget. Sci. 11: 259-264.
    (view abstract | download pdf - 113 kB)
  • Titus J.H. & Leps J. (2000):
    The response of arbuscular mycorrhizae to fertilization mowing and removal of dominant in a diverse oligotrophic wet meadow.
    Am. J. Bot. 87: 392-401.
    (view abstract | download pdf - 167 kB)
  • Vacek S., Bastl M. & Leps J. (1999):
    Vegetation changes in forests of the Krkonose Mts. over a period of air pollution stress (1980-1995).
    Plant Ecology 143: 1-11.
    (view abstract | download pdf - 131 kB)
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    Mechanistic explanations fo community structure: Introduction.
    J. Veget. Sci. 10: 147-150.
    (view abstract | download pdf - 33 kB)
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    Comparative ecology of seedling recruitment in an oligotrophic wet meadow.
    J. Veget. Sci. 10: 175-186.
    (view abstract | download pdf - 240 kB)
  • Leps J (1999):
    Nutrient status distirubance and competition: an experimental test of relationships in a wet meadow.
    J. Veget. Sci. 10: 219-230.
    (view abstract | download pdf - 140 kB)
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    Sensitivity of seedling recruitment to moss, litter and dominant removal in an oligotrophic wet meadow.
    Folia Geobot. Phytotax. 33: 17-30.
    (view abstract | download pdf - 1859 kB)
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    Food plants species composition and variability of the moth community in undisturbed forest.
    Oikos 81: 538-548.
    (view abstract)
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    Distribution of leafhoppers (Auchenorrhyncha Hemiptera) on their host plant Oxyspora paniculata (Melastomataceae) in the understory of a diverse rainforest.
    Ecotropica 3: 83-90.
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    Effect of small-scale disturbance on butterfly communities of an Indochinese montame forest.
    Biological Conservation 80: 9-15.
    (view abstract | download pdf - 568 kB)
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    Spatial dynamics of forest decline: the role of neighbouring trees.
    J. Veget. Sci. 7: 789-798.
    (view abstract | download pdf - 203 kB)
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    Establishment of Picea abies seedlings in a central European mountain grassland: an experimental study.
    J. Veget. Sci. 7: 681-684.
    (view abstract | download pdf - 85 kB)
  • Rejmánek M. & Leps J. (1996):
    Negative associations can reveal interspecific competition and reversal of competitive hierarchies during succession.
    Oikos 76: 161-168.
    (view abstract | download pdf - 2525 kB)
  • Krenová Z. & Leps J. (1996):
    Regeneration of a Gentiana pneumonanthe population in an oligotrophic wet meadow.
    J. Veget. Sci. 7: 107-112.
    (view abstract | download pdf - 2348 kB)
  • Leps J. (1995):
    Variance deficit is not reliable evidence for niche limitation.
    Folia Geobot. Phytotax. 30: 455-459.
    (view abstract)
  • Leps J., Michálek J., Kulísek P. & Uhlik P. (1995):
    Use of paired plots and multivariate analysis for the determination of goat grazing preference.
    J. Veget. Sci. 6: 37-42.
    (view abstract | download pdf - 39 kB)
  • Srůtek M. & J. Leps J. (1994):
    Variation in structure of a Larix olgensis stands along the altitudinal gradient on Paektu-san Changbai-shan North Korea.
    Arctic and Alpine Research 26: 166-173.
    (view abstract)
  • Krahulec F. & Leps J. (1994):
    Establishment success of plant immigrants in a new water reservoir.
    Folia Geobot. Phytotax. 29: 3-14.
    (view abstract | download pdf - 3992 kB)
  • Tonner M. Novotný V. Leps J. & Komárek S. (1993):
    False head wing pattern of the Burmese Junglequeen butterfly and the deception of avian predators.
    Biotropica 25: 474-477.
    ( | download pdf - 628 kB)
  • Leps J. (1993):
    Taylor's power law and measuring variation in the size of populations in space and time.
    Oikos 68: 349-356.
    (view abstract | download pdf - 3166 kB)
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    The migration of vascular plants to a new water reservoir: geographic relationships.
    Preslia 65: 149-164.
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    J. Biogeogr. 20: 109-121.
    (view abstract | download pdf - 2519 kB)
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    Stability of environment and of insect populations.
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    (view abstract)
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    How reliable are our vegetation analyses?
    J. Veget. Sci. 3: 119-124.
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