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Vondrák J.: Selected exsiccates of Caloplaca
Distributed by the Institut für Pflanzenwissenschaften, Karl-Franzens-Universität, Graz (GZU)


The exsiccate collection 'Selected exsiccates of Caloplaca' is aimed at including species of the genus Caloplaca (Teloschistales, lichenized fungi) from all over the world. Although modern molecular phylogenetic studies have found the genus Caloplaca to be paraphyletic, the classic concept used in most recent checklists is followed here.
'Selected exsiccates of Caloplaca' is distributed on exchange basis to the following 15 herbaria and private collections (herbarium abbreviations follow http:// sciweb.nybg.org/science2/IndexHerbariorum.asp): ASU, B, C, CANB, CBFS, F, GZU, H, HMAS, LE, M, MIN, TNS, UPS, herb. Lendemer. Contributions to this exsiccate are welcome.
Abbreviations of authors of plant names are taken from http://cms.huh. harvard.edu/databases/botanist_index.html. Names of countries and states (or provinces or principial subdivisions) are based upon a list from http://www.ars-grin.gov/cgi-bin/npgs/html/geolist.pl.

Vondrák J. (2007): Selected exsiccates of Caloplaca, Fasc. 1 (Nos 1–25). – Fritschiana 56: 1–10. Pdf 92[kB]
Vondrák J. (2010): Selected exsiccates of Caloplaca, Fasc. 2 (Nos 26-50). - Fritschiana 67: 1-10. Pdf 129[kB]

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