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Supported projects:

Diversity of the genus Caloplaca (lichenized fungi) on seashore rocks of the western Black Sea coast
GA AV ČR no KJB601410701 (2007-2009) proposal - 46[kB], financial proposal - 21[kB]

Taxonomy of the Caloplaca thuringiaca species complex within the C. holocarpa group (Teloschistales, lichenized fungi)
GA JU 38/2006/P-BF (2007) Pdf - 142[kB]

Taxonomy of the vagrant Xanthoparmelia species in arid regions of Eurasia
Vysegrad Scholarship project of Olga Vondráková (2010-2011)

Rare parasitic lichens in alpine habitats as global climate early indicators; their phylogeny, host specificity and phenotype characters
Vysegrad Scholarship project of Jan Vondrák (2011-2012) Pdf - 1 658[kB]
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