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October_2010_Bulgaria and Greece (honeymoon of Olga and Jan)

Romania, near Petroshani, Romania

near Petroshani, rocks with lichens, Romania

Bulgaria, Vitosha Mts with Darina

The Rhodopes, mashrooming with Dr. Alexander Tashev

Bulgaria, stones at peak of Vitosha

Greece, Meteora, collecting Caloplaca

Greece, Meteora, once more

Greece, Meteora, and more...

Greece, Metheora, collecting lichens may be dangerous

Metheora, Greece


Greece, Meteora


Greece, Meteora, evening collecting

Greece, Meteora, Marchandiomyces corallinus (Roberge) Diederich & Hawkssw.

Greece, Meteora, remote monastery

Old thallus of Hypogymnia physodes - the host of the new parasitic fungus

Pelopones, Ménalo, Lobaria pulmonaria


Kingdom of Usneas and Bryorias

One's beard is not enough


Pelopones, Methana, Pleopsidium

Pelopones, Methana, Kameni hora, Methanon

Pelopones, Methana, a volcano


Light and dark-together

Pelopones, Methana, a hard stone

Greece, Poros

Italy, Porto Ercole

Italy, Porto Ercole, a touch of antiquity

Italy, Porto Ercole
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