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Jan "Suspa" Leps

  • Department of Botany, Faculty of Science
    University of South Bohemia
    Branisovska 31, CZ-370 05 Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic
  • mail: suspa@prf.jcu.cz
  • phone: +420 38 777 2374


This page is here to provide some info about my research activities and other interests, at least those partly related to my work.

If you are looking for macro calculating the Funtional diversity indices click here!

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I am trained as plant ecologist. I finished my MS thesis under supervision of Marcel Rejmanek at Charles University, Prague, in 1977 (Spatial pattern of vegetation during secondary succession) and PhD thesis on mathematical modelling in ecology in 1982. From 1983 I was with Department of Biomathematics, Institute of Entomology, Czechoslovak (later on Czech) Academy of Sciences. From 2001, I have been a member of the research team of the Department of Ecology and Nature Conservation. In 1991 I was engaged in foundation of Faculty of Biological Sciences, University of South Bohemia (changed to Faculty of Science in 2009). By now, I have two joint appointments, the major one at the Department of Botany, Faculty of Science, where I teach both graduate and undergraduate courses, and minor one in Department of Ecology and Nature Conservation, Institute of Entomology, Czech Academy of Sciences. My scientific interests could be seen from my publications.

Recently, I am engaged in the following major "projects" (as a matter of fact, each of them is a complex of various projects):

  1. Mechanisms of coexistence of plant species in meadows, plant species functional ecology, species traits, assembly rules etc.
  2. Zipped publications from the above project.
  3. Ecology of hemiparasitic plants
  4. Ecological research in rainforest of Papua New Guinea

In all the projects, I am interested also in application of statistical methods.

I got permission to publish an extremely valuable classified bibliography on OLD-FIELD SUCCESSION 1901-1991, compiled by Marcel Rejmánek and Kristina P. Van Katwyk

  • OLD-FIELD SUCCESSION bibliography as pdf
  • I organize the one semester module Quantitative ecology for Erasmus students.The next module run will be in autumn 2013.

    I am a member of Suspa's cacophonic orchestra (SUKAS).

    Materials and links (often) in Czech:

    Materials for my courses (including Quantitative ecology module) - Studijní materiály - moje stránky pro studenty mých kursů na PřF JU.

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