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Plant Species Biology

Zdeňka Křenová: Biology of Gentiana pneumonathe and other species of Gentiana
Zdeněk Klouda: Population biology of the species Gentiana pannonica
Jan Reitschlager: Biology of the species Gentiana bohemica
Štěpán Janeček: Biology of the dominant species Molinia caerulea
Martina Petrů: Biology of louseworts - Pedicularis palustris and P.sylvatica
Jan Horník(Piňos): Comparative ecology of Carex spp.
Zuzana Musilová: Comparative biology of Ranunculus spp.
Vít Latzel: Comparative biology of Ranunculus spp.
Martin Střelec: Comparative ecology of meadow grasses
Petr Macek: Ecology of the clonal species Prunella vulgaris
Eva Chaloupecká: Ecology of the clonal species Myosotis vulgaris and Lychnis flos cuculi

Mechanisms of regeneration

Veronika Podolská: Regeneration in gaps
Iva Špačková: The effect of competition, nutrient supply and moss on germination and seedling recruitment
Ivana Kotorová: The effect of environmental factors on germination, the regeneration biology
David Zelený: Seedling recruitment in different microhabitats
Gabriela Wolfová: Disturbance mediated seedling recruitment

The effect of nutrients

Jaromír Kysilka: The effect of nutrient addition on the community structure
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