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I am plant ecologist with spatial and statistical focus. After finishing master’s degree in numerical computation, bachelor’s degree in forestry and doctoral degree in botany, I have started postdoc research applying spatial distribution of trees to understand ongoing processes in the forests. Cooperating with Jan Suspa Leps (JSL) and Vojtech Novotny, 50 ha permanent plot in the tropical forest in Wanang Papua New Guinea, part of Forest GEO (CTFS), is my primary study site. Here, with Petr Klimes and other colleagues, besides trees, we also study distributions of ants and birds. With JSL I am involved in gaining and testing ecological hypotheses on big databases (standing on huge amount of classical releves including environmental factors and plant traits). Here, also with Jakub Tesitel, we investigated associations of hemiparasitic plants in the landscape scale. Moreover, I am cooperating with Francesco de Bello on various projects covering species distribution modelling and artificial plant communities. Besides that, with Jan Altman and Jiri Dolezal we study tree growth combining tree rings (by our R package TRADER) and spatial distribution information. I am also helping other colleagues with using spatial information, designing of null models (mostly R oriented) and handling computationally intensive analyses.

occupied as

* (mainly) researcher in botany working in/on
    Hemiparasite research team
    Shedding light on 'dark biodiversity' project
    Center of excellence for global study of function and biodiversity of forest ecosystems
    Plant diversity analysis and synthesis centre
* administrator of computation clusters (hermes, DB & MP, NA) and mail server of Faculty of Science
* user and middleware support of MetaCentrum (division of CESNET)

* developer of TRADER: a package for Tree Ring Analysis of Disturbance Events in R.
download TRADER_1.2-3.tar.gz or source code on GitHub

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Pavel Fibich
Department of Botany
Faculty of Biological Sciences
University of South Bohemia
Na Zlate stoce 1
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email: pavel.fibich AT
phone: +420 38 777 2374