Searchable database of bryophyte taxa of the Czech Republic

The database has been compiled from the Check- and Red Lists of bryophytes of the Czech Republic has been published (Kučera, Váňa & Hradílek 2012, Preslia 84: 813–850, downloadable as a pdf file here pdf). It is however a standalone project, planned to be continuously updated.

The search is possible according to the text string of the scientific or Czech name (both accepted or synonym) or according to the threat category (2012). The case sensitivity enables e.g. excluding Leucobryum or Thamnobryum if you are looking for Bryum (note however whether you check the synonym search). The wildcard character is %; it is not necessary to submit the wildcard at the beginning or end of the searched string.


Search according to the name string
(case sensitive!)

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Search according to the threat category


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