Jasík M. & Potocký P.Analýza aktuálního výskytu Buxbaumia viridis na strednom Slovensku 1–17
Analysis of the recent distribution of Buxbaumia viridis in central Slovakia.
Abstract: Buxbaumia viridis is species of European interest listed in Annex II of the 92/43/EEC Habitat Directive. In Slovakia it is regarded as a rare species. During the period of 2009–2016, it was recorded at 882 microlocalities (797 localities) within several phytogeographic units of Slovakia. This paper deals with the ecological characteriza- tion of microlocalities situated in the Veľká Fatra National Park and in the broader region of the Poľana Protected Landscape Area.
Kučera J., Bradáčová J., Fialová L., Jandová J., Manukjanová A., Oliveriusová D., Plaček J., Tkáčiková J. & Vicherová E.Mechorosty zaznamenané v průběhu Bryologicko-lichenologických dnů na Semilsku v září 201618–27
Bryophytes recorded during the course of the Bryological and Lichenological Days in the surroundings of Semily in September 2016
Abstract: We summarize the bryofloristic results of excursions in the sur- roundings of the town of Semily (North Bohemia) in September 2016. Altogether 215 taxa (one hornwort, 48 liverworts and 166 mosses) were recorded during the four excursions to the region, in- cluding four Vulnerable taxa (Cololejeunea calcarea, Jungermannia atrovirens, Buxbaumia viridis, Plagiopus oederianus); the recently spreading species Orthotrichum pulchellum was recorded at two localities, which represent the easternmost occurrences in the country. Important records are briefly commented on
Kubešová S., Kučera J., Jandová J., Manukjanová A., Novotný I., Táborská M. & Tkáčiková J.Mechorosty zaznamenané během jarního Bryologicko-lichenologického setkání na Mohelenském mlýně v dubnu 201628–37
Bryophytes recorded during the course of the Bryological and Lichenological Meeting near Mohelno in April 2016
Abstract: The 2016 Spring Meeting of the Bryological and Lichenological Section of the Czech Botanical Society took place near the town of Mohelno in Southwest Moravia. The excursions were conducted into the valleys of the rivers Oslava and Jihlava. A total of 175 bryophyte species (26 liverworts and 149 mosses) were recorded and/or collected during the excursions. The most important records in- clude the endangered taxa Oxymitra incrassata and Philonotis capillaris, the vulnerable taxa Orthotrichum rupestre and Pogonatum nanum, and the only recently discovered, data-deficient taxon Grimmia dissimulata.
Mudrová R., Procházková J. & Plášek V.Mechorosty zaznamenané během 20. jarního setkání Bryologicko-lichenologické sekce ČBS v Českém lese38–45
Bryophytes recorded during the 20 Spring Meeting of the Bryological and Lichenological Section of the CBS in the Český les Mts
Abstract: Twenty-six liverwort and ninety-one moss species were recorded during the course of the Spring Meeting of the Bryological and Lichenological Section of the Czech Botanical Society in the Český les Mts (West Bohemia) in April 2013. The most remarkable records were Brachythecium geheebii (EN), Riccardia chamedryfolia (VU) and Orthotrichum patens (LR-nt).
Malíček J. & Vondrák J.Zajímavé nálezy lišejníků ve středním Povltaví II. - saxikolní druhy46–65
Interesting records of lichens in the Middle Vltava Region II. – saxicolous species
Abstract: This contribution presents noteworthy records of 69 saxicolous lichens from the surroundings of the Slapy and Kamýk water reservoirs and the adjacent Sedlčany Region (Central Bohemia, Czech Republic). Local diversity hot-spots are scattered among numerous rocky formations in the Vltava river valley. The high biodiversity of the lichen biota is dependent on the diversity of microclimatic, geo- morphological, geological and vegetation factors in the valley. Granodiorite rocks and various types of volcanic rocks ranging from strongly acidic to basic types predominate in the Vltava river valley. These substrata are locally rich in calciphilous species (e.g. Collema fuscovirens, C. tenax). Numerous species that are otherwise more or less rare in the Czech Republic are quite common in the river ca- nyon: Caloplaca demissa, C. irrubescens, Endocarpon psorodeum, Flavoparmelia caperata and Leprocaulon microscopicum. Endocarpon adscendens, Peltula euploca and Caloplaca viridirufa represent other widely distributed species. Acidic volcanic rocks enriched by metals, especially iron, harbour several less common lichens like Acarospora sinopica, Lecanora epanora, Lecidea silacea and Rhizo- carpon sorediosum. Rocky outcrops are rare out of the valley and are usually represented by large granitoid boulders, where Ramalina capitata is an example of a more or less common species. Three species are reported here for the first time from the Czech Republic: Endocarpon adsurgens, Pterygiopsis neglecta, and Xanthoparmelia delisei. Several other recorded lichens are rare in the Czech Republic: Acarospora irregularis, A. oligospora, Catillaria ato- marioides, Caloplaca rubelliana, Dirina stenhammari, Lecidea sarcogynoides, Leptogium magnussonii, Lichinella nigritella, Physcia tribacia, Verrucaria fuscovelutina and Xanthoparmelia angustiphylla.
Wagner B.Příspěvek k poznání lišejníků NPR Milešovka66–72
Contribution to the knowledge of lichens of the Milešovka
Abstract: During 2011–2013 the lichen diversity of Mt Milešovka (North Bohemia, České středohoří Mts) was explored. The reserve is characterized by natural deciduous forests on scree slopes. The list comprises 82 taxa found in forest biotopes, on rocky substrates, tree bark and on the soil surface. The area is relatively rich in common saxicolous species and poor in epiphytic lichens. Rhizocarpon disporum is the most interesting species found at this locality. 
Kučera J., Dřevojan P., Hradílek Z., Kubešová S., Laburdová J., Lysák F., Manukjanová A., Koval Š., Peterka T., Soldán Z., Štechová T. & Zmrhalová M.Zajímavé bryofloristické nálezy XXVI.73–78
Interesting bryofloristic records, XXVI
AnonymusZprávy ze Sekce79–83
News from the Section
Palice Z.Recenze [Stenroos et al., Lichens of Finland]84–85
Review [Stenroos et al., Lichens of Finland]
Liška J. & Palice Z.Česká a slovenská lichenologická bibliografie XXIX.86–89
Czech and Slovak lichenological bibliography, XXIX
Kubešová S.Nová bryologická literatura XXX.90–94
New bryological literature, XXX