Malíček J. & Kocourková J.Lišejníky chráněných území Na Babě a Vraní skála na Křivoklátsku1–15
Lichens of protected areas Na Babě and Vraní skála in the Křivoklát region (Central Bohemia)
Abstract: Two small-sized protected areas involving open rocky sites and surrounding woodlands were surveyed in t he Křivoklát region. One-hundred seventy-five lichens, lichenicolous fungi and lichen allied fungi are reported from the protected area Na Babě. The reserve is characterized by xerothermic vegetation (oak forests, grasslands, rocks) and a rather diverse bedrock. The area is rich in saxicolous and poor in epiphytic lichen species. The most valuable communities are on ± shady slate and greywacke rocks (with e.g. Bacidia arceutina , Diplotomma canescens, Endocarpon psorodeum, Hyperphyscia adglutinata, Phaeophyscia chloantha). From this locality, we publish two new species for the Czech Republic, a lichenicolous lichen Miriquidica instrata and a lichenicolous fungus Abrothallus tulasnei . Eighty-one taxa are reported from the protected area Vraní skála (chert rock). Aspicilia gibbosa, Cladonia glauca, Dimelaena oreina, and Pleopsidium chlorophanum represent the most interesting records. According to comparison with historical literature, the saxicolous flora on Vraní skála persists nearly without any change.
Malíček J. & Vondrák J.Příspěvek k poznání lichenoflóry Rašeliniště Jizery a Rašeliniště Jizerky16–26
Contribution to the knowledge of lichen flora of Rašeliniště Jizery and Rašeliniště Jizerky (Northern Bohemia)
Abstract: 98 lichen taxa were recorded in the protected area Rašeliniště Jizery and 104 in the Rašeliniště Jizerky National Nature Reserves in Jizerské hory Mts in 2013. The most important records are Acarospora glaucocarpa, Ionaspis lacustris, Micarea turfosa, Mycoblastus sanguinarius, Ochrolechia cf. alboflavescens, Porpidia hydrophila, Rhizocarpon badioatrum, R. lavatum, Thelomma ocellatum, and Verrucaria cf. sublobulata. Majority of recorded lichens were observed in old-growth peaty spruce forests and on granodiorite boulders in the valley of Jizera River. The epiphytic lichen flora was strongly influenced by acid rain in the past; trees are now occupied mostly by common acidophilous lichens.
Hradílek Z. (ed.)Zajímavé bryofloristické nálezy XXII.27–29
Interesting bryofloristic records, XXII
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News from the Section
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Obituaries [A. J. E. Smith, R. E. Stotler, J.-P. Frahm]
Kubešová S. & Holá E.Nová bryologická literatura XXVIII.36–40
New bryological literature, XXVIII