Steinová J., Bouda B., Halda J. P., Kukwa M., Malíček J., Müller A., Palice Z., Peksa O., Schiefelbein U., Svoboda D., Syrovátková L., Šoun J., Uhlík P., Vondrák J.Lišejníky zaznamenané během 16. setkání Bryologicko-lichenologické sekce ČBS ve Slavkovském lese v dubnu 20091–14
Lichens recorded during the 16th meeting of the Bryological and lichenological section CBS in Slavkovský les mountains, April 2009
Abstract: A list of 188 lichen taxa and 3 non-lichenized fungi recorded from the Slavkovský les Mts and Soos National Nature Reserve during the 16th meeting of bryological and lichenological section CBS in April 2009 is presented. Candelariella efflorescens, Cladonia diversa and Verrucaria memnonia are new to the Czech Republic. Along with three mentioned species, Caloplaca vitellinula, Carbonea vitellinaria, Lecanora rupicola subsp. subplanata, Nephromopsis laureri, Placopsis lambii and Psilolechia leprosa are briefly discussed. A number of noteworthy lichens is reported from former mines and spoil heaps (e.g. Rhizocarpon furfurosum, Stereocaulon condensatum, S. pileatum). The epiphytic flora is represented by several endangered but recently spreading species like Evernia divaricata and E. mesomorpha. A distribution map is provided for Nephromopsis laureri.
Mišíková K., Jurčišinová D.Machorasty vybraných cintorínov Podunajskej nížiny (Slovensko)15–23
Bryophytes on selected cemeteries in the Podunajská nížina lowland (Slovakia)
Abstract: Cemeteries are from the bryological viewpoint poorly studied anthropogenic habitats. In areas strongly affected by agriculture, such as the Podunajská nížina lowland, they may represent refuges for a number of bryophyte taxa, especially epiphytic and epilithic species. In present study, we focused on the species diversity of eight cemeteries predominantly in rural environment. Overall, 43 bryophytes were found. It seems that from the possible factors which have impact on the species diversity, the number of adult trees on each cemetery shows a positive effect.
Malíček J., Berger F., Bouda F., Cezanne R., Eichler M., Kocourková J., Müller A., Palice Z., Peksa O., Šoun J., Vondrák J.Lišejníky zaznamenané během podzimního bryologicko-lichenologického setkání v Novohradských horách 201224–35
Lichens recorded during the autumnal bryo-lichenological meeting in Novohradské hory Mts in 2012
Abstract: 238 lichenized and 20 lichenicolous and lichen-allied fungi are reported from the autumnal lichenological excursion in the Novohradské hory Mts. Our research was focused mainly on epiphytic lichens. We explored the old-growth private forest Luxensteinwand in Austria, the protected areas Hojná voda and Stodůlecký vrch, screes on Mt. Kraví hora, and some solitary trees and alleys. Bacidia incompta, Cladonia luteoalba, Collema cf. occultatum, Gyalecta truncigena, Melaspilea gibberulosa, and Pertusaria constricta represent the most interesting records. Bacidina adastra, Lecidella albida, Rinodina degeliana, and Thelocarpon olivaceum are reported for the first time from Upper Austria.
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