Hájek M.Bryonora má padesát! 1–1
Guttová A., Fačkovcová Z.Výskyt druhov Leptogium schraderi a L. turgidum (lichenizované huby) na Slovensku2–7
Occurrence of the species Leptogium schraderi and L. turgidum (lichenized fungi) in Slovakia
Abstract: The species Leptogium schraderi and L. turgidum were overlooked and undercollected in Slovakia in past. These small, fruticose cyanolichens occur on soil or among mosses in calcareous habitats. This study summarizes all known published and herbarium data from Slovakia and provides distribution map. L. schraderi was so far recorded in 27 localities (9 unpublished) and L. turgidum in 8 localities (5 unpublished). A short review on morphology, nomenclature, habitat requirements and world distribution of these species are provided. 
Malíček J., Vondrák J.Lišejníky NPR Čertoryje v Bílých Karpatech 8–13
Lichens of the Čertoryje National Nature Reserve in the White Carpathians Mts
Abstract: 92 lichen taxa were recorded within the course of the lichen biodiversity survey in the ČertoryjeNational Nature Reserve in the White Carpathians Mts in 2012. The most important records are epiphytes Acrocordia gemmata, Arthonia helvola, Bacidia subincompta, Flavoparmelia caperata, Hyperphyscia adglutinata, and Ramonia chrysophaea. All these species are very rare in the reserve. The lichenicolous fungus Dactylospora microspora is new to the Czech Republic and it is firstly known from thallus of Agonimia allobata. Majority of recorded lichens were observed on solitary oaks, which are common throughout the reserve. We have observed an interesting process of colonization of lichen and moss communities on oaks. We suppose that most of trees were nearly without epiphytic flora about 20 years ago because of acid rains and air pollution. Nowadays, number of oaks is covered by a single dominant lichen species. It may be explained by fast local distribution of one or few lichen species in habitats without competition pressure of other lichens. We cannot exclude recent lichen colonization from outside the territory, but the recent expansion of autochthonous lichens is perhaps more probable.
Hájková P., Žáčková P., Dudová L., Hájek M.Zajímavé nálezy vzácných mechorostů ve starých sedimentech 14–16
Interesting records of rare bryophytes in old fen deposits
Abstract: The palaeoecological analyses of old fen deposits can bring interesting information about pastdistribution of bryophyte species, which are recently rare or relict in Central Europe. This paper brings new data about the occurrence of some relict fen species in the late-Glacial and early-Holocene deposits in the Polabí lowland (Chrást site: Sarmentypnum sarmentosum, Scorpidium scorpioides), Hrubý Jeseník Mountains (Skřítek mire: Hamatocaulis vernicosus, Meesia triquetra) and Borská lowland (Hanšpílje fen: Drepanocladus trifarius, Catoscopium nigritum, H. vernicosus, S. scorpioides). Further, we report about the late-Holocene fossil occurrence of Philonotis marchica in the Galmus Mts (Slovakia), the species which is not recently known from this area.
Plášek V.Klíč pro determinaci zástupců rodů Orthotrichum a Nyholmiella v České republice17–33
Key for the identification of the Orthotrichum and Nyholmiella taxa in the Czech Republic 
Abstract: Moss genera Orthotrichum and Nyholmiella are widespread moss groups that include mainly epiphytic (less often epilithic) taxa which occur throughout the world from the Arctic to the Antarctic, except in deserts and wet tropical forests. A key for the identification of the 22 Orthotrichum and 2 Nyholmiella taxa which occur in the Czech Republic is provided. Complete Czech names of the taxa are presented.
Plášek V., Kučera J., Musil Z., Číhal L., Štechová T.Mechorosty zaznamenané v průběhu 19. jarního bryologicko-lichenologického setkání v Orlických horách34–39
Bryophytes recorded during the 19th Spring Meeting of the Bryological and Lichenological Section of the ČBS in Orlické hory Mts (E Bohemia) 
Abstract: The Orlické hory is a mountain range situated in the eastern part of Bohemia along Czech-Polish border line. The 19th Spring Meeting of the Bryological and Lichenological Section of the Czech Botanical Society took place there in April 2012. A list of bryophytes recorded during the excursions is given. A total of 36 liverworts and 134 mosses were reported. Among the most important records, e.g. Sphagnum affine, Porella cordeana and Orthotrichum patens can be considered.
Hradílek Z. (ed.)Zajímavé bryofloristické nálezy XX.40–44
Interesting bryofloristic records, XX 
AnonymousZprávy ze sekce 44–44
News from the Section
Hradílek Z., Zmrhalová M., Plášek V.Úmrtí [J. Duda]49–49
Obituary [J. Duda]
AnonymousZměny v adresáři sekce50–50
Changes in the List of Members
Liška J.Česká a Slovenská lichenologická bibliografie XXV.51–53
Czech and Slovak lichenological bibliography, XXV