Brackel W. vonUlota hutchinsiae in der Tschechischen Republik wiedergefunden1–4
Ulota hutchinsiae rediscovered in the Czech Republic
Abstract: A small population of Ulota hutchinsiae, a species regarded as vanished in the Czech Republic, was found north of Beroun (Central Bohemia) within the scope of mapping biotopes on Natura 2000 in September 2004. The situation of the species in the Czech Republic and in the neighbouring countries is discussed and the location as well as the sociology of the species is described.
Kučera J.Překvapivé nálezy mechorostů v Žofínském a Hojnovodském pralese (Novohradské hory)4–15
Surprising bryophyte records in the old-growth forests Žofínský prales and Hojnovodský prales (Novohradské hory Mts., South Bohemia)
Abstract: The bryofloristic inventory of two old-growth montane mixed woods in South Bohemia brought the first country records of Aneura maxima and Rhynchostegiella tenuicaulis, as well as a score of other remarkable finds, of which particularly Hypnum fertile may be of whole-European interest. The floristic richness of the larger of the reserves, Žofínský prales, was found to be extraordinary (185 species documented so far) with respect to the type of the habitat. The two newly discovered species are illustrated along with Hypnum fertile and H. imponens and their differentiation from similar and related taxa is discussed. The recent distribution is summarized and ecological remarks are presented with the most interesting collections (Harpanthus scutatusMetzgeria violaceaJamesoniella autumnalisCampylostelium saxicolaDicranum virideNeckera pennataRhynchostegium confertum).
Kučera J., Shaw B., Müller F., Berka T., Marková I., Loskotová E.Mechorosty zaznamenané během 17. Bryologicko-lichenologických dnů v západních Krkonoších15–22
Bryophytes recorded during the 17th Bryological and Lichenological Days in the western Krkonoše Mts (North-East Bohemia)
Abstract: Bryophytes recorded and/or collected during the 17th Bryological and Lichenological Days in western Krkonoše Mts are listed. Their number totalled 207 – 54 liverworts and 153 mosses. The most interesting records – Campylophyllum sommerfeltiiDicranum majusDicranella subulataLophozia longidensBazzania tricrenataPolytrichastrum pallidisetum and Warnstorfia pseudostraminea are briefly commented.
Kučera J. (ed.)Zajímavé bryofloristické nálezy IV22–29
Interesting bryofloristic records, IV
AnonymousZprávy ze Sekce29–33
News from the Section
AnonymousZměny v adresáři Sekce34–34
Changes to membership directory
Váňa J.Úmrtí [Riclef Grolle]34–36
Obituary [Riclef Grolle]
Váňa J.Recenze [Ignatov M. S., Ignatova E. A. (2003): Flora mchov sredněj časti evropejskoj Rossii. Tom 1. Sphagnaceae – Hedwigiaceae. – Arctoa 11, suppl. 1, p. 1-608]36–38
Review [Ignatov M. S., Ignatova E. A. (2003): Moss flora of the Middle European Russia. Vol. 1. Sphagnaceae – Hedwigiaceae. – Arctoa 11, suppl. 1, p. 1-608]
Liška J.Česká a slovenská lichenologická bibliografie XVII38–41
Czech and Slovak lichenological bibliography, XVII
Kučera J., Soldán Z.Nová bryologická literatura XIII.41–60
New bryological literature, XIII