Kučera J.Co víme o rodu Schistidium Bruch et Schimp. v České republice?2–9
What do we know about the genus Schistidium Bruch et Schimp. in the Czech Republic?
Abstract: The article summarizes present knowledge of the genus Schistidium in the Czech Republic, with a brief historical outline. 15 species have been peoved to occur in the country, whereof S. robustum (Nees et Hornsch.) H.H. Blom is reported for the first time. The distribution of individual species, known at the time being as well as their ecology, are described and a determination key to our species is provided.
Mudrová R.Metaneckera menziesii - nový druh bryoflóry České republiky9–10
Metaneckera menziesii - a new species for the bryofllora of the Czech Republic
Abstract: The moss species Metaneckera menziesii (Hook. ex Drumm.) Steere is reported for the first time from the Czech Republic. It has been found in the Český les Mts (W Bohemia) recently. Abrief survey of its distribution is given.
Plášek V.Seznam mechorostů nalezených během bryo-lichenologických dnů ve Slezských Beskydech (30.9.-1.10.1999)10–13
A list of the bryophytes collected during field trips in the Slezské Beskydy Mts, Czech Republic (30th September - 1st October 1999)
Abstract: A lot of interesting liverworts and mosses were collected during the field trips in the Slezské Beskydy Mts. Available data of various collectors and a list of all recorded species were summarized by the author. Abbreviations following names together with the number of the locality mean the taxon documented in the herbarium of the respective author (K - Jan Kučera (priv. coll.), N - Ivan Novotný (BRNM), P - Vítězslav Plášek (OP), and V - Irena Vacínová (priv. coll.). Other common taxa, annotated in the tick-lists only during the field survey, are marked just by the number of the locality. The nomenclature of the species follows the paper by Váňa (1997) with some exceptions.
Orthová V.Nové nálezy Parmelia pastillifera (Harm.) Schub. et Klem. a P. submontana Nádv. ex Hale a ich rozšírenie na Slovensku13–17
New findings of Parmelia pastillifera (Harm.) Schub. et Klem. and P. submontana Nádv. ex Hale and their distribution in Slovakia
Abstract: Parmelia pastillifera and P. submontana, rare and critically endangered lichen species in Slovakia, are discussed. Their distribution in Slovakia is summarized and presented in maps as well. New localities in the Malé Karpaty Mts., the most western ones in Slovakia, are interesting taking into account their character (P. pastillifera on conglomerate). New locality for the Czech Republic is given as well.
AnonymousZajímavé nálezy17–18
Interesting floristic findings
AnonymousZprávy ze sekce18–20
News from the Section
AnonymousVýročí (J. Smola)20–20
Anniversary (J. Smola)
AnonymousRůzné (Valentin Pospíšil)21–24
AnonymousOn line24–25
On line
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Czech and Slovak bryological bibliography XII.
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New lichenological literature IX.