Váňa J.Sphagnum brevifolium - nový, dosud opomíjený druh rašeliníku v České republice2–5
Sphagnum brevifolium - a new and overlooked species in the Czech Republic
Abstract: The specimens collected in the Czech Republic and determined as Sphagnum pulchrum (Lindb, ex Braithw.) Warnst, belong to S. brevifolium (Lindb. ex Brailhw.) Roll. S. pulchmm probably does not occur in the Czech Republic. S. brevifolium has been discovered in the material collected in localities in the Krušné hory Mts., the Jizerské hory Mts., the Krkonoše Mts., the Šumava Mts. and in the Františkovy Lázné and Třeboň areas; it is surely not rare species. Characteristics separating this species from 5. pulchrum and a key for determination of all European species of Sphagnum recurvum - complex as well as related species are given. 
Soldán Z.Přehled druhů mechů s mapami rozšíření v ČŘ a SR6–12
Index of moss distribution maps in the Czech and Slovak Republics
Abstract: Index of moss distribution maps in the former Czechoslovakia (CS) and the Czech (ČR) and Slovak (SR) Republics includes a bibliography of published papers as well as manuscripts. Regional maps are excluded. Papers of Czech and Slovak authors are based on almost complete revision of our herbaria. Bibliography of foreign bryologists is not complete (e.g. owing to fragmentary data on Czech and Slovak distribution). Some species have limited distribution; then the whole studied area is in parentheses. 
Horáková J.Catapyrenium pilosellum - nový druh lichenoflóry ČR a klíč k určování druhů s podobnou stélkou13–16
Catapyrenium pilosellum, a new species to the Czech Republic and a determination key of lichens with similar thallus
Abstract: Catapyrenium pilosellum, a new spedes of lichen flora of the Czech Republic, was found in Prague. A key and short notes on ecology and distribution of species with similar squamulose thallus are presented 
Lisická E.Tri nové druhy v lichénoflóre Slovenskej a Českej republiky Acrocordia cavata (SR), Hypocenomyce caradocensis (SR, ČR) a Hypocenomyce leucococca (SR)17–19
Three new species in the lichen flora of the Slovak and Czech Republics: Acrocordia cavata, Hypocenomyce caradocensis and Hypocenomyce leucococca
Abstract: Three lichen species are reported as new to Slovakia (Carpaticum oedd.) and the Czech Republic (Sudeticum): Acrocordia cavata (SR), Hypocenomyce caradocensis (SR, CR) and H. leucococca (SR). 
Liška J. & Pišút I.Roď Cladonia v České a Slovenské republice (J. Liška & I. Pišút)19–23
The genus Cladonia in the Czech and Slovak Republics
Abstract: Checklist of Cladonia spedes in the Czech and Slovak Republics with notes on distribution and synopsis of chemical reactions are presented. Characters of main groups (subgen. and sect.) are summarized in a key. 
Orange A.Klíč evropských taxonů skupiny Cladonia chlorophaea24–27
A key to the Cladonia chlorophaea group in Europe
Abstract: A translation of the article "A key to the Cladonia chlorophaea group in Europe, using microcrystal tests" (Bulletin Brit. Lichen Soc. 70: 36-42). 
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Czech and Slovak bryological bibliography VI.
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New lichenological literature III.